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I love moving...

… and that’s a good thing because I do that A LOT! 15 times to be exact ever since that first time I left home 18 years ago… Germany, England, Australia, New York, Bora Bora, Hawaii, Indonesia, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Florida… International, Interstate, Intercontinental!

“Moving years” are more exciting than normal years. The excitement of knowing there is a move approaching, then slowly seeing it unfold and become more and more precise. The early planning stage of figuring out how this is going to work with occasional panicky moments. The “rush” when it is all happening (and hopefully falling into place). The satisfaction of it all being over – totally denying that after “moving out” there is the “moving in” somewhere else that is possibly still completely unplanned. Hopefully you get a little break at this point.

Then comes the arriving to the new place. The house hunting, school transferring, car-organizing phase. This can happen super quickly or D-R-A-G on. Finally the moving-in-day is here! The exciting figuring out which kid sleeps where, which piece of furniture goes there and which light switch is which. The annoying apprehension that all those boxes do not hold any new and exciting items but only the stuff that has moved uncountable times before (and the promise that this is definitely the ugly couches’ last move!!).

Puh. Done. Or is it? This usually is the point where I call my husband completely overwhelmed and unnerved. There is more!! Yet another driver’s license to obtain (and those of you who know the DMV in LA will understand my point), prescription to transfer, Internet provider to yell at because how long can it take to get the new router?! And then you’re done!! At least for a little while.

So why do I love moving? Didn’t I just explain that?? Because I love doing all these things!! The organizing, the keeping track, the fitting-it-all-into-the-calendar, the explaining the movers what to pack and what not to touch, the satisfying seconds it takes to change your address on your Bank Of America account. And so much more. I have to mention the collection of driver’s licenses. My husband and I have amassed 18 driver’s licenses. If the FBI should ever search our house we will look suspicious! Hah.

So I have decided to share my experience and clearly crazy love affair with you! I am compiling and explaining and guiding you through the jungle of pre-move, move and arrival. Enjoy!

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