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How bad can a moving company really be??

Turns out VERY!!! Which is why I do not recommend choosing a moving company (solely) based on pricing. Ideally you know someone who has moved recently and you can ask for a recommendation – these references are so valuable as the quality of the provided services varies a lot! When you are sending out what feels like a million emails and get no reply. Ever. You then pick up the phone and leave countless messages that are never returned. This is unsettling considering that this unresponsive company will be entrusted with everything you own and cherish!

My advice: when you are contacting movers for a quote and get no (or a very delayed) reply, move on to the next! It should always caution you! When a company isn’t responsive to a sale they probably aren’t responsive to your issues once they have secured your business.... And it doesn’t get much worse than an unresponsive mover. You are going to be in touch with them a lot to establish the details and determine the volume of your move, set the date(s) and feel safe that they will show up on those days. They will coordinate you packing, loading, transporting of any vehicles, storage, transport, possibly storage again, delivery, unpacking and any insurance issues. So if at every one of those steps you feel like you need to poke them to get things done, you will regret this choice!

But it doesn’t have to be like this! There are great movers out there and they are not more expensive. The great thing is that moving companies operate in networks, which means that your preferred mover doesn’t have to be local in order to help you out. They will reach out to their partners and ensure you get the same service with the local provider. I have created strong relationships with movers I trust and I go through great length to make sure I can move with them every time. Why? Because when I have an issue first thing on a Saturday morning I know they will reply and won’t make me wait until Monday. They are awesome and make this process a whole lot easier.

Now did I scare you? No need. Let me assist you in finding the right movers for you! I would love to share my great contacts with you and make your life just a bit easier!

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