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How to pack and keep your sanity!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By now you have figured out that the simple enough relocation isn’t your only concern when moving. What you might have not considered yet is the pre-work necessary before that relocation bit of your move happens. Basically what I am trying to say is that if the movers came to your home TODAY and your pre-work wasn’t done then you would not have clean underwear for tomorrow. No tampon, no towel, no pacifier for the crying baby, no suitcase to pack (well no cloth to pack into it either), not even a glass to drink your well-deserved I’m-so-happy-we-are-moving champagne tonight… which is why you need to read this next part on how to pack correctly before the movers are coming!!

I divide this bit into 3 simple and straightforward sections: what stays – what goes – what needs to disappear!

Let’s start with the latter! The disappear-category includes anything from donate it, to trash it. Your son’s nearly-too-little winter boots when you are moving to Hawaii – donate! The handbag with broken zip you bought at Marshall’s for $30, never really liked and costs $45 to repair – trash! This is a very fine line to walk and also a very personal choice to make. I like to hang on to keepsakes and I attach to items quite profoundly but I also feel the relief of de-cluttering and making space for the NEW. Find the balance you are comfortable with. My advice: do not go overboard! When in doubt – KEEP! You will find yourself in a new place and the most unexpected item from your trash-it pile might make your new house feel more like home! Also, your move is not getting more expensive because you’ve kept that one trashy pair of boots. From experience: when you will have completed unpacking in your new home, you will want a shower and if you find yourself without a towel (because “these disgusting old rugs have to go!!”) you will be upset!!

The stays-category refers to what stays with you. Your suitcase (make sure you pack what you’ll need at origin before physically leaving AND what you’ll need at destination before your shipment arrives. This is especially important to remember when there is a change in climate associated to your move!!), your carry on bags with all essential paperwork (passports, credits cards, travel documents..).

Also, anything that should not be going into the moving boxes: cash, checks, expensive jewelry. All this stuff needs to be packed on the day of your move and placed in a distinct area of your home that can easily be identified to movers as a no-touch-zone!

And well the goes –category now logically refers to everything outside of the no-touch-zone that your movers will professionally and effectively relocate for you. They will also thank you for being so organized!! Hah!

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