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Moving vs. relocation

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

After having searched the web back and forth for a clear definition, I have to conclude that there seems to be no such thing… so I think we should right that wrong and agree on the following: moving is the entire process of shutting down your life in one place and opening it up in another. So that includes everything from cancelling your lease to finding a new gym. All the paperwork involved, the research of neighborhoods and schools, the new registration for your car AND the relocation. Relocation is the simple yet stressful act of wrapping, boxing, schlepping, loading, storing, transporting, unloading, and unboxing. The rearranging and organizing falls back into the moving category :-) .

The relocation bit is that part you can hand over to the moving company you have entrusted your belongings with – to find the right guys for the job check out my posting So…Where to start? The moving part is the real tricky chunk of work that nobody will help you with – well until now!! Now you have me!!!!

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