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Now – get organized!!! [Part 1]

Right, if all went well you now have a moving date YEAH!! This means that you better get a plan in your head NOW on how you are managing the whole moving load before you are actually physically relocating.

I am a list person. I like to make lists and I make them old-fashion-style: pen on paper. This way I get to cross things out when they are done which clearly is the best part of the whole list! It has happened that I get up in the middle of a panicky sleepless night to write that list and it magically puts me at ease and back to sleep. I like to leave the list out on the kitchen counter – that way my husband gets to share my panic when he gets his morning coffee!! I note everything that comes to mind and try to make categories. No matter how organized, this list will be a work-in-progress for a few weeks now.

I like to start with the easy stuff: services to end or transfer. Logon to your banking and credit card apps and jot down everything you pay for every month! Work down that list (and don’t forget to cross it off when done – soooo satisfying!!). You are clearly at an advantage if you are using online services and apps: most utilities like electricity, gas and water can be terminated online. You provide the end date (make that the day after you move out!) and should get a confirmation within minutes. Internet and cable are somewhat trickier to terminate, as these companies will try to keep you as a customer and transfer your service. If that works with your destination GREAT!! If you receive paperless billing you might not have to even worry about your cell phone or other monthly subscriptions (Netflix, icloud storage etc.) even though by changing your address with the provider you might save on sales tax (or end up paying more...)! Insurance should be on your list; however, if you are happy with your car/home insurance you should wait and change them over once you are at your destination (you will be reimbursed if that makes you overpay).

Some memberships can be tricky… gym comes to mind! If you use a larger chain chances are you will find a branch at your destination. If not, make sure you tackle quitting soon as you might have cancellation delays.

Let’s take a breath because what comes next could possibly be a difficult task: HOUSING! Are you renting or do you own? If you are renting this can get expensive! How much notice do you have to give or how much time is left on your lease? If you own your home this can get complicated and time consuming! What are you going to do with it? Sell it? Rent it out? Too many questions – these need their own section! Stay calm and tuned for Part 2.

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